The Beginner’s Corner: What fish to target for successful fishing


This question is not only posed by the beginner but many experienced fishermen pose it regularly, I am the living example among many others.

Targeting a carnivore among other species is greatly simplifying life. If we decide the day before we will reduce the number of canes and decoys, indeed for the pole for example, two rods in UL and L will suffice.

But this is the theory, the practice is that we arrive at the edge of the water with all its barda and that we use only a part of it when it works. It happened to me one or two days of anthology with a grand slam where pike, perch and perch bite at the same time but it is a rare event.

Most of the time only one species is active at a given time. Usually one starts his fishing part by pikeperch, the one fleeing the light and not being too amateur of the barouf will bite better early in the morning or in the evening.

So if you are early morning, I advise you to favor the tracking of pike perch. If it is active, a soft lure launched and brought back by scratching or often striking the bottom is the basic animation. If it is rigid and apathetic the vertical could derive it but the ideal is the dead handled or the fire ball because a real prey will release effluvia that are incapable to imitate our soft lures.

This is only a general rule and pike-perch fishers take it all day long, but it is very early in the morning that it responds best to lures and active peaches.

The hours pass and the pike-perch bites less so bend down on the poles that are fish that can be active at all hours of the day. The poles if they are biting respond well to all the decoys, the whole is to find them because our zebra are fish sometimes affected with frost. One can find them in 1m of water as in the deepest, it is enough to take its trouble in patience and to seek them. The ideal with these fish is the same vibrating blade or crankbait that allow to rake well.


Midi arrives quietly and with rising temperatures we will certainly find pike on the curbs. To take the fish swimmers who do not swim deep are ideal, I like jerkbait or crank little diving. The spinnerbaits are also very effective for this border search.

Here we have a morning school case but of course few fishermen behave like this, most come looking for a particular fish. This is because of the weather, the season or because they have heard that it just bit.

The important thing for successful fishing is of course to have equipment in good condition, diversified to cover all situations but it is also and above all to have a network of relationships that make you know where it bites. This is undeniable and verified every year, at one point there is a peak of activity on a lake and a specific place. If buddies tell you it is safe to bet if it is true if you fish alone and flee the friends, you can fall on one of these peaks but especially on a lot of empty-handed in a row.

If you want to succeed at all costs your fishing trip, give priority to poles. They are the only ones to bite well almost all the year and will give you as much pleasure on material light as rare pikes on Heavy.

If it is summer target the shallow edges in powerfishing where you will find pike, not very big but who knows? In winter and autumn target the pikeperch vertically for those who are lucky to have a boat, for the fishermen of the edge (the peddlers) look for the deeper zones.

Keep fishing.


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