Final Fantasy Fishing Guide and Tricks – How to Fish by fishing mart!

Noctis has a very particular hobby: fishing, and it is not a simple minigame that we should access from time to time. Square Enix has taken an interesting addition to Final Fantasy that will allow us to fish in different areas of the game, in an art that must be mastered if you want to achieve all the achievements / trophies. And since you are not born being the best fisherman, then you have the tricks of Final Fantasy to fish more and better.
The hobby of Noctis is simple to learn, but it is advisable to pay attention to the following tips of Final Fantasy to fish. Next we will tell you which areas are enabled for fishing, where are the best fish and, of course, how to fish and what advantages we get to level up. So get your rod, the line and your best hook, and start to experiment with this particular sport.

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What do we need to fish?

As you imagine, you need a reed, line and hooks, no more, no less, plus a fishing license that will grant the game. Each cane and line is differentiated by its power and resistance and it is something that we will have to see when we go to buy them to the pertinent fishing places. The hook is found by region, and in general we use to fish a series of fish exclusive to zones.

Of course, you can not fish in any area of the game where there is water, only in the zones indicated and enabled for it.

How to fish in Final Fantasy XV?

This is not a very complicated procedure, but requires its practice but we want to lose good opportunities.
When we have reached a fishing area we can see in the minimap the situation of the fish, to know where to launch the fishing rod. Circles represent fish, and if it is a yellow circle you are facing a rare species. Also do not worry about its rarity, because the fish give the same experience.

When we have located the fish that interests us we must throw the rod, and we will start to see a bar of interest. To raise that bar we must move the hook to the area of the fish to arouse greater interest of the same.

Once the fish chop, you have to start playing with both the right trigger for the tension and the stick. When the tension is very great we must release the trigger for a few seconds so that it does not end up breaking the line.
We must also be attentive to the movements that we must make with the stick to get more tired to the fish. Following the previous steps will arrive a moment where we have fish to the fish.

Fishing levels and what is unlocked

First make it clear that in the Final Fantasy XV Skill Tree you can get additions to gain PH by fishing and to double and triple the objects that are achieved.

The levels of fishing of Final Fantasy XV are the following:

  • License to fish
  • The line wears 25% slower
  • Tackle shops have a 10% discount
  • There is a 25% chance of a fish being chopped
  • Ability to fish larger fish, up to 80cm
  • The stores have a 30% discount
  • The line wears 50% less
  • You will have a 50% chance of a fish being chopped
  • The stores will have a 50% discount
  • Ability to fish larger fish, up to 150cm

Fishing areas and type of fish that we are going to meet:

  • Irrigation pond: Bagre luciense, Perch of the Alstor, scaled perch
  • Caem Creek: Striped Barramundi, Allural Seabass, Tide Grouper
  • Daurell’s Cenote: Bagre rondador, Exotic Barramundi, Coy Shy
  • Coast of Galdin: Barramundi rocky, Black sea bass of the Allural, Mero Cygillico, Rufo jet
  • Vesper Cove: Perch Panther
  • Saxham’s Ditch: Royal cucumber, Luciense carp
  • Embarcadero Galdin: Demon of the Sea, Jurel de Galdin, Giant Jurel, Lightning Rufous
  • Malacchi Pond: Lucian Catfish, Chanargo, Alstor’s Perch, Scaled Percale
  • Secret Islet: Vesuvius Barramundi, Leopardine trout
  • Neeglyss Lagoon: Lucian catfish, Barramundi hocino, Asparagus percussion, Cucumber percussion
  • Forgotten lagoon: Asticortic percussion, Scaled percussion, Rainbow trout
  • Rachsia Pier: Toothed Barramundi, Alstor Perch, Scaled Percassol
  • Potion of Daurell: Striped catfish, Chanargo, Chanargo garnet, Chanada jade, Alstor perch
  • Rio Maide: River bank, Rainbow Trout, Cleigne Trout, Maide Trout, La Nébula Salmon
  • Wennath River: Rainbow trout, Callatein trout, Trout comb
  • Tower of Neeglyss: Barramundi of the yerba
  • Myrl’s torrent: Cleigne trout, irícroma trout
  • Vera Este de Vesper: Vesper Needle, Barramundi Hocino, Chanargo Jade, Perch of Gules, Bright Percasol
  • Vera Vesper West: Vesper Needle, Bright Percassol, Crimson Percassol
  • Channel Furgola (Altissia): Cygiilica sea bass, Allural enlisted sea bass
  • Plaza Sonelo (Altissia): Allural enlisted seabass, Strait bass, Grouper

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