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Welcome to my fishing blog dedicated to publishing papers or videos mainly related to fishing for trout.

On this blog you will find part of the media (fish magazines, specialized magazines, general magazines, daily press, videos, film, dvd …) that I have participated over the years as a fisher writer, contributor, actor …
It is mainly about trout fishing, but also about Atlantic salmon, shad, common shadows …
The paper press:

Sometimes I write a few digits for the specialized press or take part in press conferences highlighting the territory and / or a fishing technique. The following articles will inform you about the fishing destinations on which I do my trout fishing courses and / or the fishing practices that I use daily for pleasure (fishing techniques presented: toc / bait Natural drift / fly / Tenkara / throw / lures). In other cases, journalists from specialized fishing or generalist magazines have been invited to my territory in the Pyrenees; My mission, to share with them the riches of our valleys.
The media videos, dvd and television:

As for my participation in films, videos and other dvd, on these supports, you will be able to appreciate in images the fishing destinations on which I practice my activity of fishing guide and will be able to admire actions and sequences of fishing in Direct live. Trout fario is regularly the headliner in these media but other fish such as Atlantic salmon and shad are also highlighted.
Fishing courses in photos:

Each year, I make a compilation of photos taken during the realization of the courses of fishing and bringing to the honor the trainees in full action. Customers fishing, natural landscapes and wild trout on the menu!

So here is the list of media visible on my blog, all the articles located below are classified by media exit timeline.

Good reading.